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​​​​It’s not just a hobby, it’s a passion 

Κάθε πιστόλι Vista BCN θα έχει AFTEC εξωλκέα σωστά προσαρμοσμένο και εγκατεστημένο. Επίσης θα συνοδεύεται από τρεις (3) συνολικά γεμιστήρες. Δύο (2) γεμιστήρες 140mm, χωρητικότητας 23 φυσιγγίων και μία (1) γεμιστήρα 170mm, χωρητικότητας 27 φυσιγγίων.

THIS INNOVATIVE DESIGN MADE OF OUR BEST STEELS our tradicional and effecctive fitting and accuracy combined with a better distrubution of masses reducing weight in the mobile parts increasing it in the fixed ones which manages to eliminate the inertias in the gun, improving in addition the slide's movement has an innovative compensator due to the distribution of the hybrids and its ports'design minimizing the re-elevation of the gun giving as a result a very balanced, lightweight, precise, highly competitive and long-lasting pistol as it is traditional in our pistols being able to surpass the 200.000 shots.THE STEEL GRIP WITH STEEL MAG-WELL that comes with this model is built with the best materials for a better grip, greater stability and improvement of sights'alignment due to its new and ergonomic design.

Vista  BCN